Freelance front-end web developer.
Based in Cambridge, England.

Latest Work

Dann Richards Hair & Beauty

Renowned Cambridge-based salon Dann Richards provides premier hairdressing, barbering and beauty services. Founder, Dann got in touch requiring a web presence to match his nationally-recognised team of stylists.

Goals and solution

Many of Dann's competitors focus on product sales and celebrity culture in their communications which hinder user engagement. I worked on designing a clean and service-focussed interface to instill trust in Dann's team as well as promote his beautiful salon.

The site was designed in-browser allowing easier collaboration which directly influenced several aspects of the design. For example, the break-out banner images which allow larger resolution monitors to show more of the striking imagery was an idea which evolved from a brief discussion on photography which in a Photoshop-driven development schedule probably wouldn't have happened.

Following a wireframing stage, the front-end was constructed with Sass and the Bourbon mixin library. PyroCMS was used for content management.

Kinetic Super

Developed the responsive front-end for major Australian superannuation provider Kinetic Super.

Many interface elements share similarities so it was important to write the Sass in a DRY and modular fashion. Integrated with bespoke Symfony CMS using Twig templating.

Agency: Evolution7

Launch project

Discover East Gippsland

Responsive front-end for tourism website advertising the East Gippsland area of Victoria, Australia.

Many elements of the site were brought in from a third-party which required some complex refactoring of mark-up and CSS. Integrated with ExpressionEngine.

Agency: Carter

Launch project


Role: HTML, Sass, jQuery, Silverstripe.

Agency: Evolution7

U1 Group

Role: HTML, Sass, Responsive, jQuery.

Agency: Evolution7


Role: HTML, Sass, jQuery, Wordpress.

Agency: Evolution7

J&G Harding

Role: Design, HTML, CSS, jQuery. 



Role: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Umbraco.

Agency: Flag


Role: HTML, Sass, jQuery, PyroCMS.

With: Zoe Jazz

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