Freelance front-end web developer.
Based in Cambridge, England.

Wordpress and CMS integration

The majority of websites nowadays need to be updated. The frequency may change but the requirement is the same: unobstrusive and easy to use.

Over 60% of all websites are now built in Wordpress and it has become an important social tool, granting anyone with a penchant for the pen their own blogging platform. I've been working with Wordpress for a number of years and am highly proficient when it comes to theme development and integration (I'm currently in the process of creating my first paid-for theme).

Pyro (PHP) and Umbraco (.Net, certified developer) are my other CMSs of choice for their abstracted data structures and simple templating languages. I also have experience integrating templates with many other content management systems including, but not limited to; SilverStripe, ExpressionEngine, SharePoint, Day CQ, Joomla, Drupal, Concrete5 and Magento. In addition, I've written and maintained bespoke applications built upon the CodeIgniter and Laravel PHP frameworks.

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