Freelance front-end web developer.
Based in Cambridge, England.

Front end development

High-performance, modular code

More than any other aspect of web development, the pursuit of semantic HTML and scalable, modular CSS is an ever-changing goal.

With the expansion and adoption of rich Javascript interfaces and applications, the traditional remit of a front-end developer has crept wider and wider. The modern front-end developer requires a creative and expressive mind for user experience and also the logical nouse with which to construct efficient, lightweight and reusable code. Performance is king.

My current weapons of choice are the BEM- and OOCSS-based Inuit framework with a measure of the Bourbon Sass library mixed in (to which I am a contributor). For Javascript development, I make use of the jQuery and Zepto libraries as well as the Meteor framework (built on Node.js) whilst attempting to keep plugins to a minimum.

However, the golden rule for any developer is to choose the correct tools for the job at hand.

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